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Vanishing Landmarks of Georgia: Gristmills & Covered Bridges

Historic landmarks are often the victims in our fast-paced rush toward new development. Two iconic structures that conjure up memories of a simpler time are the gristmill and the covered bridge. An 1876 report from the Georgia Department of Agriculture stated that there were over 1200 water-powered mills in the state. There is no record of how many covered bridges existed in the state, but the numbers of both kinds of structures that still stand continues to decrease.

In this guide, Kovarik spotlights 56 remaining gristmills and 16 covered bridges. In addition to stunning color photographs of each structure, the guide provides a history of the site and detailed directions, as well as a map and GPS coordinates.

Not only can you enjoy the photographs of these vanishing landmarks from the comfort of your armchair at home, but you can also locate these structures and visit them before they disappear from our landscape.

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