Charles F. Price

Charles F. Price is the author of the Hiwassee series, four works of historical fiction set in his native Western North Carolina that comprise a single narrative cycle interweaving the partly imagined private history of his 19th-century ancestors with the public history of the Southern Appalachians.

His first book, Hiwassee: A Novel of the Civil War, appeared in 1996.  His second, Freedom’s Altar, won the Sir Walter Raleigh Award as the best fiction of 1999 written by a North Carolina author. The Cock’s Spur, his third title, received an Independent
Publisher Book Award as one of the Ten Outstanding Books of 2001 and Price was named Story Teller of the Year; it also won the Historical Fiction Award of the North Carolina Society of Historians.  The last in the series, Where the Water-Dogs Laughed, was released in 2003.  It also garnered the Society of Historians’ award and was a first finalist for the Independent Publisher Book Award for historical fiction that year.

Price has been a Washington lobbyist, management consultant, urban planner, and journalist.  In 1995, after working for 19 years in the nation’s capital, he retired to Burnsville in his beloved North Carolina mountains to devote full time to writing. He holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an undergraduate degree in History and Political Science from High Point University.

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Freedom’s Altar

The Cock’s Spur


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