Cindy Horrell Ramsey

Cindy Horrell Ramsey, a former editor and publisher of The Pender Post, grew up on the Black River, just 15 miles north of the Battleship North Carolina Memorial’s berth on Eagles Island. As a schoolchild, she contributed spare change to help bring the battleship to Wilmington.

She attended her first reunion of the North Carolina’s crew in 2001. “I spent six days with the guys, helping with the oral history interviews,” she said. This inspired her to write a book, so she talked with more than 100 of the veteran sailors and Marines, in person or by phone. Many of them, she said, became like family. The book became her thesis for an MFA in creative writing from UNC Wilmington.

She is currently the director of Isothermal Community College’s Polk County campus. She lives in Columbus, North Carolina.

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