Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf

Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf wrote her first ghost story in between customers while working in the children’s department at a Belk's department store, but her love of ghost stories started at an early age while growing up in Manning, South Carolina. As a child, her mother told her ghost stories that Elizabeth's grandmother had once told her mother. Her mother left out the scary parts, however, so that Elizabeth wouldn't have to check under the bed before she went to sleep every night.

Elizabeth attended the University of South Carolina at Sumter for three years before moving to Myrtle Beach in 1980. She received her B.A. in English from Coastal Carolina College in 1981. Her first book, Ghosts of Georgetown, was published in February 1995. More Ghosts of Georgetown was published in 1998.

Since 2001, Elizabeth has been a preschool storyteller and literacy instructor with the Georgetown County Library in collaboration with South Carolina First Steps. Each month, she visits approximately 40 preschools throughout the county to read books, tell stories, sing songs, and teach with puppets and finger plays.

Elizabeth lives in Maryville with her daughter, Virginia Lee, and husband, Bob. Elizabeth and her husband are the operators of the Ghosts of Georgetown Lantern Tours, a narrative 1½-mile walk through Georgetown’s National Register Historic District. Dressed in colonial or Civil War attire, they lead visitors through the city with kerosene lanterns. The family also participates in Civil War reenactments.

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