What kind of books does Blair publish?

Blair focuses on general trade books about the Southeastern United States, with a strong emphasis on coastal North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia and the Appalachian region. We primarily publish nonfiction titles in the areas of travel, history, biography, folklore, and cooking. We publish only one or two works of fiction each year, and our fiction must be based in the South. We do NOT publish poetry, children's books, collections of newspaper columns, short-story collections, essay collections, or science fiction. See our manuscript guidelines for more details.

Do you have any suggestions for book clubs?

Blair has many titles that would work great as book club selections. You can browse an online version of our book club guide. We also have Reading Group Guides available for many of our titles. They can be found on the specific title pages.

If you don't publish children's books or poetry, why are there children's books and poetry books listed on your Web site?

Blair does not publish children's books or poetry collections, but we distribute some children's books and poetry books produced by other publishers. You can read about these other publishers by browsing our distributed publishers menu above in the left navigation. To submit a work to one of our distributed publishers, you need to contact them directly.

Does Blair accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Yes, but please read our manuscript guidelines to learn how to format your submissions.

Can I speak to someone at Blair about my mansuscript?

Blair selects its publications through an acquisitions committee. Because we have a small staff that needs to focus on producing the books we have chosen, no one here is available to speak with a prospective author personally. Prospective authors may visit our prospective authors page for more information on the types of publications we are looking for at John F. Blair, Publisher.

Will you accept a submission via fax or email?

No and yes. We do not accept faxes. If you fax a query, it will just delay the process of going through our acquisitions committee. We do accept emails. Please read our manuscript guidelines to learn how to format your submissions.

If I send in my submission, how long does it take to get a response?

hDue to the high volume of submissions, it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to go through our process. If you wish to get a response, make sure you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) or an email address in your cover letter (see our manuscript guidelines page).

I have a book that I self-published, but it now needs to be reprinted. Would Blair buy the rights to my book?

Because Blair needs the initial spurt of sales when a book is first released, we do not publish books that have been printed previously.

If Blair doesn't want my book, can you suggest where to go next?

You can refer to reference books such as Literary Marketplace and Writer's Market, which should be available in your local library's reference section.

How do I procure an agent, a freelance editor, or a ghostwriter?

You might contact the North Carolina Writers' Network.

Does John F. Blair offer any editorial, design, or production services for hire?

John F. Blair, Publisher, does have a Special Projects Division. Potential projects are reviewed and accepted on an individual basis. We prefer subsidized projects from museums, firms, and organizations, and we prefer to be involved in the entire production process. If your project meets the above criteria, please email Carolyn Sakowski, Special Projects Director.

What is the difference between a publisher and a printer?

A printer does the actual physical printing and binding of books, journals, advertisements, etc. and is paid by the person or company requiring the printing. A publisher chooses what to publish and enters a contractual agreement with an author for the right to publish their work. The publisher has staff that edits, designs, proofreads, prepares the work for the printer, and provides marketing and publicity to promote the finished work. When an author hires a printer to print his or her book, that book is considered a self-published work.

How do I get a copyright for my manuscript?

All work is automatically copyrighted as soon as it is written. If you want to formally take out a copyright on your work, contact the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. For more information, seewww.copyright.gov. If your work is accepted for publication, then the publisher usually obtains the copyright for you. To reproduce copyrighted material, you must have permission from the publisher.

How do I receive permission for using or reproducing part of a John F. Blair book?

Please see our Rights and Permissions page on this Web site for detailed instructions. Permission is required if you plan on reproducing any part of a copyrighted title in any form.

Where can I buy Blair books?

All books published or distributed by Blair are available at or through your local bookstore. They can also be purchased at most online booksellers, as well as right here on www.blairpub.com. If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in carrying Blair books, please contact Carolyn Sakowski at (800) 222-9796 or sakowski@blairpub.com.

Can I buy books at your office?

You can, but we're not a retail bookstore, so we'd appreciate a phone call in advance of your arrival and please tell us the specific book in mind since we are not set up for browsing. We accept VISA or MasterCard. We can accept cash, but only if you can provide exact change. We also accept personal checks. We are located at 1406 Plaza Drive in Winston-Salem; please call (336) 768-1374 for directions.

What is John F. Blair's returns policy?

If you are an individual with a defective book, please call (800) 222-9796 or email customer service. If you are a bookseller or wholesaler, please email Artie Sparrow for terms.

What is a distributed publisher?

In addition to publishing our own books, Blair sells titles published by other independent Southeastern presses. We are the exclusive outlet for these titles to wholesalers and retailers throughout the country. Please browse our distributed publishers menu (above, left-hand navigation) for more information about each individual publisher for whom Blair provides distribution services.

How can I get in touch with one of your distributed publishers? How do I set up events with their authors? Can I buy books directly from them?

You can reach the publishers we distribute by using the distributed publishers menu available above in the left-hand navigation and following the link to the desired publisher. To set up an event with one of their authors, you need to contact that publisher directly. To order their books, however, you must contact Blair.

Whom do I contact if I want to host an author event for a Blair author?

Please contact Carolyn Sakowski at (800) 222-9796 or sakowski@blairpub.com.

How can I find out if an author is doing a book signing near me?

Please see our events page.

How can I contact an author?

You can send a note to 1406 Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 or send an email to Carolyn Sakowski, and it will be forwarded to the author. We cannot give out the contact information of any author.

Where can I find out-of- print Blair titles?

Many of our out-of-print (OP) titles can be found at online bookselling sites and used bookstores across the country.

How do I get a copy of your catalog?

You can request a catalog here or by calling Blair at (800) 222-9796.

Whom do I contact to request a review copy or press materials?

Please contact Carolyn Sakowski, at (800) 222-9796 or sakowski@blairpub.com. For more information, visit the media page.

Does Blair offer internship opportunities?

Yes. John F. Blair, Publisher, offers two semester-long internship positions during the academic year, in addition to a summer internship program. All internships are unpaid. Blair interns work primarily within our sales and marketing division but will also gain experience in other aspects of the independent publishing business. An internship at Blair is a great way to learn about publishing from the ground up in a relaxed environment. For more information, visit our internships and jobs page.

How do I apply for a Blair internship?

We are looking for motivated individuals over the age of eighteen. To learn more about the Blair internship program, visit the internships and jobs page.

Is Blair hiring?

Any current employment opportunities at Blair will be posted on our internships and jobs page.

Does Blair hire freelancers?

No. Blair produces its titles using in-house staff.