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Haunted Uwharries

Fred T. Morgan

Bandit Books
$12.95 paperback
6 x 9  
152 pages

The Uwharries (pronounced “You-war-ees” by the Indians who named them) are the remnants of a 500-million-year-old mountain range that once towered 20,000 feet. Today the Uwharries cover a seven-county area 50 miles northeast of Charlotte, North Carolina, rising only a little over 1,000 feet. Though the Uwharries geographic dominance has diminished, the African Americans, Germans, and Scotch-Irish who populated them left an oral tradition that has grown stronger through the years.

Fred T. Morgan collected 20 tales that exemplify the best of this tradition. Some are scary, some humorous. Some teach moral values. There’s the story of Peddler Paul, who witnessed the digging of his own grave but was saved by a friendly spirit. There’s the violent ghost who was finally quelled by magic words. There’s Private Corriher, who died during the Civil War but reappeared in World War II. There’s Dr. Kron’s buried treasure. There’s the ghost of Millie Crockett, whose worst offense was to steal alcohol from the living. There’s the lovely Louise, who taunted male students at a local college. All the gothic machinery of traditional ghost lore is found here.

For many years the Uwharrie ghosts have fascinated, frightened, and entertained those who have heard their stories. Now they are all gathered here for your enjoyment.



“Ghost Tales of the Uwharries is considered a regional classic . . . high octane entertainment . . . an intriguing cast of characters . . . storytelling at its best.”
The Stanly News and Press

“Fred is a master storyteller—probably the William Faulkner of the Uwharries.”
—Jim Wicker, Times News, Burlington, North Carolina