Hub City Press

Hub City Press is a non-profit independent press in Spartanburg, SC that publishes well-crafted, high-quality works by new and established authors, with an emphasis on the Southern experience. We are committed to high-caliber novels, short stories, poetry, plays, memoir, and works emphasizing regional culture and history. We are particularly interested in books with a strong sense of place. 


Executive Director, Betsy Wakefield Teter:
Assistant Director, Meg Reid:
Administrative Assistant, Rachel Richardson:
Bookshop Manager, Anne Waters:

Contact Hub City:

Administrative Offices
186 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Phone: 864-577-9349
Fax: 864-577-0188


From Hub City Press

Carolina Writers at Home 
Meg Reid, ed.

The Iguana Tree
by Michel Stone

In the Garden of Stone
by Susan Tekulve

Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers
edited by John Lane and Betsy Wakefield Teter

Magic City Gospel
by Ashley M. Jones

by James E. McTeer III

The Only Sounds We Make
by Lee Zacharias

Over the Plain Houses
by Julia Franks

by Lilah Hegnauer

Pasture Art
by Marlin Barton

The Patron Saint of Dreams
by Philip Gerard

by Ray McManus

Suburban Gospel
by Mark Beaver

Voodoo for the Other Woman: Poems
by Angela Kelly

by Ron Rash

Wedding Pulls
by J.K. Daniels

The Whiskey Baron
by Jon Sealy