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Hummingbird Books, created in 2008 for the single purpose of publishing the Donald Youngblood  Mystery Series by Keith Donnelly is an imprint of Harrison Mountain Press. The series currently includes Three Deuces Down (2007), Three Days Dead (2009), Three Devils Dancing (2011), Three Deadly Drops (2012) and Three Dragons Doomed (2014). The sixth book in the series, Three Daggers Dripping is scheduled for release in March of 2016. Book one in the series, Three Deuces Down, was published by NewSouth Books. 


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Ron Lawhead, Webmaster
Todd Lape, Freelance Graphic Designer

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From Hummingbird Books

Three Days Dead
by Keith Donnelly

Three Devils Dancing
by Keith Donnelly

Three Deadly Drops
by Keith Donnely

Three Dragons Doomed
by Keith Donnelly

Three Daggers Dripping
by Keith Donnelly