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It’s Good Weather for Fudge: Conversing With Carson McCullers

Sue Walker

NewSouth Books
$15.95 paperback
5.5 x 8.5  
80 pages
January 2017

In It's Good Weather for Fudge: Conversing with Carson McCullers, Sue Walker pays poetic tribute to Carson McCullers on the 100th anniversary of her birth. Walker offers a biographical portrait of the famous writer in a long-form poem rich in allusions to her published body of work. In Fudge, Walker imagines a conversation with McCullers as they share memories of two women growing up in the Deep South — McCullers in Georgia, Walker in Alabama. The past becomes the present in this poem that ranges from love and war, sickness and health, and fudge and friendship. McCullers's biographer Virginia Spencer Carr says, "Reading Sue Walker's book is an intense and touching revisiting of each of McCullers's books." Carlos Dews, former director of The Carson McCullers Center, praises Walker's deep poetic understanding of McCullers's work, and adds, "Walker's book is a must-read for anyone interested in McCullers."


"I'm over the moon about this book. It loves you, through its language and depth and daring.  Witty, sensual, defiant, celebratory! Don't let the fun fool you. The interleaving of texts makes me think of Eliot's Waste Land technique —here made more accessible, womanized, personalized, and astute about being and nonbeing, time and place, like Virginia Woolf. This is a brilliant book that knows no borders. Go there/come in. . .in in."
--Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife and Four Spirits


"The life and work of Carson McCullers — her painful longing, her struggle with her damaged body — echoes in Sue Walker’s imaginative long-form poem, It’s Good Weather for Fudge. Walker’s writing is lyrical, narrative, scholarly and wise. She identifies with McCullers — both growing up in the South, both studying music, both poets and writers — and then moves beyond her, making a call for fortitude while accepting the impossibility of love, willing the lost hunter’s bones home to the South. A remarkable poem.”
— Barbara Henning, author of A Swift Passage


It’s Good Weather for Fudge is a brilliantly executed apostrophe in which Sue Walker addresses Carson McCullers as one Southern woman to another, but always in a poetic fashion that delights. I love the way Walker mingles their experiences as Southern women, even the way she objects to McCullers being buried in the North, when everyone should know that her body and soul belong to the South.   
— Frederick W. Bassett, author of The Old Stoic Faces in the Mirror: A Life in Poems

Sue Walker's masterful book-length poem — moving freely between lyrical biography and aesthetic meditation — is precisely what we need to help us rediscover, reaffirm the extraordinary life and work of Carson McCullers. In these elegant, searching lines, history becomes celebration and confession becomes artistic triumph. There are two essential Southern voices here. And, as this book is a stunning achievement, we can be grateful for both.
— Carey Scott Wilkerson, author of Threading Stone and Seven Dreams of Falling