Joseph Mills & Danielle Tarmey

Danielle Tarmey was born in the Bahamas and spent her childhood there. When she was eight, her parents moved back to Europe. The daughter of a British father and a French mother, she has lived throughout Europe, including France, England, Italy, and Switzerland. In the United States, she has lived in both California and North Carolina. She loves to travel and has plenty of places to stay since her parents live in Brittany, France, her brother is in Bristol, England, and her sister lives in a small town outside of Barcelona, Spain.

Danielle speaks French and Italian fluently and has a working knowledge of Spanish. After earning a degree in French and tourism studies at Oxford Brookes University in England, she worked in a variety of jobs in the food-and-wine industry, including positions at a wine shop, a winery, a four-star hotel, and a gourmet coffee shop. After earning her master’s degree in education at Salem College, Danielle now teaches fifth grade.

Joseph Mills was born and raised in Indiana and has lived in several states, including Illinois, New Mexico, Utah, and California. He has worked a variety of jobs ranging from staff manager of a climate research laboratory to secretary of a chemical waste facility (located in the middle of the Utah desert) to baker at a donut shop. After earning a Ph.D. in literature at the University of California, Davis, he joined the faculty of the UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. In addition to poetry, fiction, and criticism, he writes a monthly column on parenting called “Crib Notes” for a local magazine. In 2006, Press 53 published his book of poetry, Somewhere Between the Spin Cycle.

Joe and Danielle met in 1995 while they were both teaching in Bordeaux, France, as part of exchange programs with their respective universities. After spending the year together working and traveling, they decided to marry. They legally married in Las Vegas during a camping trip. Six months later, they also held an outdoor wedding, presided over by Joe’s brother, Scott, who is an ordained minister. They have daughter and a son.

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