Michael Malone

Michael Malone is the author of 11 novels, including Handling Sin, Dingley Falls and Time’s Witness. A number of these novels; among them, his latest, The Four Corners of the Sky, were national bestsellers. He is currently completing Dark Winter, the fourth book in his Hillston quartet. His work has often been anthologized and has been translated into many languages–Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and German included.

He has also published a collection of short stories (Red Clay Blue Cadillac) and two books of non-fiction (one on film, one on Jungian typology). In addition to plays and musicals, he has written television shows for ABC, NBC, AMC and Fox. Among his prizes are the O Henry, the Edgar, the Writers Guild Award and an Emmy for ABC’s One Life to Live, where he was head-writer for much of a decade. He has regularly contributed essays, stories, articles and reviews to such national publications as Partisan Review, New York Times, Playboy, Yale Review, Wilson Quarterly, Harper’s, The Nation, etc. He gives talks and readings throughout the country, as well as makes radio and television appearances.

He has taught theater, film and creative writing at Yale, Connecticut College, the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore. He is currently a Professor of the Practice in Theater Studies and English at Duke, where he now teaches film, television and theater.

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