Parkway Publishers

Rao Aluri, founder of Parkway Publishers, officially retired at the end of 2010. Parkway Publishers, Inc. is known as a regional North Carolina publisher of books about the history, literature, culture, travel, and tourism of western North Carolina, featuring North Carolina authors, books from the North Carolina High Country, and authors of Southern fiction.

John F. Blair, Publisher, will continue handling distribution for selected Parkway titles. We at Blair wish Rao the best, and have enjoyed working with Parkway.

From Parkway Publishers

Backcountry Fury: A Sixteen-Year-Old Patriot in the Revolutionary War
by Tony Zeiss

Great Waterfalls of North Carolina
by Neil Regan

My CCC Days
by Frank C. Davis

Orlean Puckett
by Karen Cecil Smith

Spoken Lebanese
by Maksoud N. Feghali