Ray McAllister

Ray McAllister was a columnist for The Richmond Times-Dispatch from 1988 through 2007 and a newspaper reporter for 14 years before that. His only book had been published in 1995, a collection of mostly humor columns entitled Reflections: Objects in Mirror Appear Backwards, But Maybe It's Me.

But a column he wrote in August 2005 about a small island in North Carolina and the reader response to it led to an acclaimed book, Topsail Island: Mayberry By The Sea, in 2006. Another island book, Wrightsville Beach: The Luminous Island, followed in 2007 and Ray gave up the day job in late 2007 to write books. His latest book isHatteras Island: Keeper of the Outer Banks.

He is now at work on more island books, a Virginia book and at least one novel. He is also the editor of Boomer Life magazine.

Books from Blair

Hatteras Island: Keeper of the Outer Banks

Topsail Island: Mayberry by the Sea

Wrightsville Beach: The Luminous Island


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