Stephen Doster

English-born Stephen Doster moved as a toddler to St. Simons Island, Georgia. The southern town where children played baseball on the beach and had the run of the island is tenderly remembered as "Mayberry with tides." His parents were voracious readers, and an early memory is obtaining the family library card, number 930. 

Doster graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration and now works in advertising in Nashville, Tennessee. He says there are advantages to being a business writer by day and a novelist by night. "No one cares if you have writer's block. They want the thing written, proofed, and out the door. When I get home to write for myself, that discipline of writing, proofing, and editing is already in place. The other good thing about business writing is that it's terribly mundane—especially in insurance. So when I do get to loose the creative muse, it's ready to kick into overdrive from the get-go."

Adventure comes naturally to this author. Doster has ridden out a hurricane, worked on a highway construction crew, and driven across the country. While attending the High Tech Initiative at a Tennessee college, he heard then Senator Al Gore speak on proposed legislation to expand access to the Internet to the public (the moment responsible for naming Gore "the inventor of the Internet").

His debut novel Lord Baltimore captures a country club island youth as he treks through coastal Georgia.

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