Tasia Malakasis

Tasia Malakasis is a technology executive turned cheesemaker after a resolute and stubborn move to follow her passion for food. She is the owner and cheesemaker at one of the most highly acclaimed artisan creameries in the United States, Fromagerie Belle Chèvre. Belle Chèvre has won close to 100 national awards and critical acclaim from the country’s most respected and authoritative fromage experts and was named a 2010 sofi™ Silver Finalist for Outstanding Dairy Product by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. Tasia’s passion for food and her philosophy that food should be fun and approachable drive her creativity in the kitchen and at the fromagerie every day. In 2009, Tasia was recognized as one of Country Living’s women entrepreneurs.

Books from Blair

Tasia's Table: Cooking with the Artisan Cheesemaker at Belle Chevre (NewSouth Books)


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