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This Day in Civil Rights History

Horace Randall Williams and Ben Beard

NewSouth Books
$19.95 paperback
7 x 9
408 pages
50 black-and-white photographs
Published in 2009

This Day in Civil Rights History is a day-by-day survey of the people, places, and events that impacted the civil rights movement and shaped the future of the United States. Flip to any date and you’ll find fascinating, informative facts and anecdotes, including: February 1, 1960—Four African-American college students in Greensboro, North Carolina, entered the local Woolworth’s department store, sat down at the lunch counter, and demanded tobe served. This courageous act launched the student sit-in movement throughout the region. March 2, 1955—Nine months before the historic arrest of Rosa Parks, fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin was arrested for violating the segregation laws on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus. September 30, 1962—James Meredith became the first African-American student allowed to enroll at the University of Mississippi. November 4, 1960—The U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of Gomillion v. Lightfoot, establishing an important precedent in the voting rights of African-American citizens.