Andy Wood

Andy Wood is director for Coastal Plain Conservation Group, an organization he founded to support his work with rare and endangered species and their habitats in and around southeastern North Carolina. A lifelong conservation educator, Andy served nearly twelve years as education director for Audubon North Carolina and thirteen years as the education curator for the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Beginning in 1987, Wood reported his observations on nature as a weekly commentator on WHQR, public radio station for the coastal Carolinas. He took a year-long sabbatical from his volunteer post to complete work on Backyard Carolina and has again resumed producing new radio commentaries.

Andy has an unyielding curiosity about the outdoors. As radio commentator, naturalist, and environmental educator, he has dedicated his life to sharing with others his enthusiasm for nature. On the air, Andy’s voice is a friendly one; it reaches any listener who wants a good laugh and is interested in the world. For twenty five years, Andy’s radio commentaries have provided a rich resource to a wide range of people who share his concerns for the environment and his sense of wonder with nature. Andy has never intended his commentaries to reach only “nature people,” scientists, or naturalists, though he himself is one of them.

Since 1992, Andy has been involved in the study and propagation of rare freshwater snails endemic only to southeastern North Carolina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Backyard Carolina will help fund ongoing projects to protect two species of these endangered snails.

Andy and his wife, Sandy, live in Hampstead.

Books from Blair

Backyard Carolina (The Publishing Laboratory of UNC Wilmington)