Boy Returning Water to the Sea

Boy Returning Water to the Sea


Koans for Kelly Fearing

Andrea Selch

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Inspired by the titles of works in William Kelly Fearing's retrospective catalog, these poems are fully engaged with the images themselves. Some poems are mere gestures, others lyrical, still others are open-ended. Arranged in chronological order, the poems offer a narrative on a life-scale—elements of the author's and of Fearing's life sneak onto the surface like bits of paper on a single collage—nevertheless, each poem remains a striking word-picture.


Andrea Selch's full-length collection, Startling, was runner-up in the Turning Point competition in 2003, and was published by Turning Point in 2004, and reprinted by Cockeyed Press in 2009. Selch's poems have been published in numerous journals including Prairie Schooner, Calyx, The Asheville Poetry Review, Luna, and online at Swink, The Best American Poetry, and other sites.