Georgetown Mysteries and Legends

Georgetown Mysteries and Legends


Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf


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Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf, the author of two popular Low Country ghost-story collections, returns with a third volume of 18 stories. In this collection, Wolf moves beyond local haints and tells about eerie events and unsolved mysteries from the area. Included are stories about a treasure buried along the Sampit River during the Civil War; the pirate Drunken Jack; Tom Yawkey and his beloved Cat Island; the mysterious fire that destroyed Kensington Park; the Pawleys Island Pavilion; George Trenholm and the lost money from the Confederate treasury; and the Sea View Inn on Pawleys Island. A tired, hungry slave woman, upset at being denied her supper one night, places a curse on her plantation that lasts a hundred years. At Magnolia Beach, a mermaid trapped in a bathing house gazes fervently at her storm ball and calls forth a hurricane that sets her free—and kills most members of the family that held her captive. In 1953, the lovely Fiddler’s Green washes up high and dry on the southern end of Pawleys Island. The two brothers who buy her for salvage leave the scene for only thirty minutes—just long enough to find a body hanging from the mast when they return. Actors at Georgetown’s Strand Theatre start to question their sanity one night after a performance. But then Granny Ghostbuster herself arrives to confirm the ghostly presences they feel. Popular folklorist, storyteller, and tour guide Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf is at her best in this collection of nineteen tales from that most mysterious and haunted of places, Georgetown County.

Elizabeth Huntsinger Wolf is a South Carolina native whose mother’s family came to the state in the 1600s and whose father immigrated there from Scotland. Her first home in Georgetown County was a 1948-vintage 40-foot mahogany Chris Craft boat anchored in the Waccamaw River. Now a landlubber, she lives in a neighborhood built River. Now a landlubber, she lives in a neighborhood built on the site of one of the area’s many rice plantations. In addition to being a full-time storyteller/literacy instructor for Georgetown County preschoolers, she, along with her husband, leads Ghosts of Georgetown Lantern Tours and is an avid Civil War reenactor. Georgetown Mysteries and Legends is her third book.