More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country

More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country


Nancy Rhyne

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Nancy Rhyne's first collection of stories, Tales of the South Carolina Low Country, was an award-winning book. Now she has given us another collection of fascinating tales, and like the first, it is a winner. Once again the author has mined the rich folklore of South Carolina. The twenty-two stories in this collection show the Low Country region as it was more than two hundred years ago and as it is today. Here you will find an assortment of strangely eerie but wonderfully entertaining stories. Some of the tales will have you laughing out loud. Others will make your spine tingle and your pulse race. Still others will guarantee that you leave your nightlight on after reading them. Look for the tragic story of the young girl who was buried alive on Edisto Island more than a century ago. Read about Clark Gable's visit to Hampton Plantation, where he witnessed scenes that were later incorporated into Gone With the Wind. And find out what happened to the talk-show host who allowed a pair of witches to put a spell on him. You will read these and the other nineteen stories with pleasure time after time.

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Nancy Rhyne has traveled all over the world and has collected coastal folklore on three continents, Greece, and the British Isles. But her first love is the South Carolina coast, and she has written dozens of articles and books about the area, its history, and its legends. While living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, she taught a course on South Carolina folklore at Coastal Carolina College in Conway. She now lives in Ft. Myers, Florida.