Piece Logic

Piece Logic


Erica Hunt

"Core the questions, comma the nouns." The poems of Piece Logic buzz with a familiar terror as they expose the seams and piece the goods. As with Hunt's earlier books, Piece Logic eavesdrops with an unfailing ear on the sentences and corridors of power, but with a renewed sense of urgency: "The shoemaker's children have no shoes."

Piece Logic was designed by Dave Wofford of Horse & Buggy Press. The covers, recycled entirely from post-consumer waster content, were letterpress printed by hand from metal type, and the book was hand-sewn with linen thread.

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Erica Hunt has been a housing organizer, labor news writer, radio produced and poetry teacher and currently works as a program officer for a social justice funder. Her poetry and essays on poetry's connections to politics, gender, and history have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Hunt has lectured on poetics at Naropa Institute, the Detroit Institute of Art, SUNY Buffalo and the St Mark's Poetry Project.