The Little Turkle

The Little Turkle


By Deborah Van Dyken

Illustrated by Susan Mason

ISBN: 9781949467048

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The Little Turkle hatches into a world full of wonder on a barrier island off the Atlantic Coast where some people call turtles “turkles”. He must journey from his nest in the warm beach sand to the cool, foaming waters of the ocean. When Little Turkle runs into trouble, a special friend helps him on his way to the waves.

DEBORAH VAN DYKEN lives and works in Beaufort, NC, where she practices family law and lives with her husband, Bill Blair. During the past 20 years, Deborah has spent a lot of time watching sea turtles and observing their nests at Cape Lookout National Seashore in Carteret County, NC, which inspired her children’s book, The Little Turkle.

SUSAN MASON is a native of the village of Atlantic in Down East, Carteret County, NC. Susan lived and taught secondary school in Arctic Alaska for 21 years. She is an artist and photographer. Susan has previously illustrated Inupiaq language books, The Snowy Owl and The Red Fox and Similes for Mother.