White Boots

White Boots


New and Selected Poems of the West

William Pitt Root

William Pitt Root's White Boots: New and Selected Poems of West [are] poems of tender awe and Rilkean praise erasing completely the divisions between man and beast, poems that invite the reader upon their back and carry him across buttes and vistas, arroyos and sheer cliff shimmy holes, poems whose music is wound so tight that the stitches and sinews disappear and all that remains is the pure imagination made manifest and majestic, the reader alone on the plain riding their shine. —Keith Flynn, Asheville Poetry Review

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WILLIAM PITT ROOT now writes full-time in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. For a decade he commuted weekly between Tucson, where he was poet laureate 1997-2001, and Manhattan, where he taught at Hunter College. Root's other works include The Storm and Other Poems (2005/1969) and Trace Elements from a Recurring Kingdom (Notable Book for 1995, The Nation) which re-collects his first five books. His work appears in The Atlantic, New Yorker, APR, The Nation, in hundreds of litmags and anthologies, and in nearly twenty languages.