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Congratulations to authors Macon Brock and Earl Swift

The release will be celebrated with a reception and book signing at The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia on Thursday, February 9th

In One Buck at a Time, company cofounder Macon Brock leads readers through the twisty path that saw Dollar Tree mushroom from a humble five-and-dime in Norfolk, Virginia, into one of the fastest-growing businesses in America—one that today operates more than 14,000 stores, provides jobs for 165,000 people, and is climbing the Fortune 500.



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At a time when most people begin planning their retirement, John Blair began a new career—publishing. While he was an editor at the University of North Carolina Press, Blair noticed many good manuscripts, rich in regional material, which were rejected because they were not of the scholarly nature the press was publishing. In a speech before the University of North Carolina Library in 1974, Blair said, "It broke my heart to see them die." Read more.

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Download our latest catalog